Exemplary financial crisis in Greece and Europe : some reconsidering to do for the family… (2011-08-12)

One source of the crisis in which Greece, Europe and the rest of world finds itself today, is due to the dishonesty of certain banks’ customers and shareholders.

As we saw in 2009, Obama managed to reveal Swiss banks’ ‘secrecy’ concerning U.S. taxpayers who used such banks to evade paying their taxes. Other leaders, either dismissed or challenged, suddenly find their dubious assets blocked or unveiled…

It is therefore not too far-fetched to imagine ourselves capable of unveiling the Swiss « secrecy » regarding dishonest powerful Greek taxpayers:  the Greek government could consequently check whether or not taxes are paid. They could also verify the source of capital. Finally, it is equally necessary to impede today’s tax evasion which is still taking place at this very moment…

Greece does perhaps not have the strength of the United States, but Europe could step in and deal with the banks that support tax evasion, corruption and money laundering and that still refuse to cooperate with the Greek government.

Europe could also do this for each of its other members, and should do so without further hesitation.

This is especially pertinent since Europe already saved its banks and its shareholders some time ago, and now needs to « save » Greece and possibly other countries. (Had the European countries considered the long term back when they chose to save certain overly greedy banks and speculators?)

Lastly, it is evident that common morality should be encouraged by certain (voluntary or imposed) examples, and that it is the more at-ease fraudsters who have the most catching up to do. Morality and better general demeanour go hand in hand with both the economy and the public interest.

These resources will enable the Greek government to recover, immediately and in all fairness, its much needed funds, while at the same time reducing the volume of dangerous privatizations, most likely for the long run.
M. C.-R.