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Voilà des adresses de sites sur Byron, certaines avec nos commentaires

This lengthy analysis of the author’s life and work includes sections on « Early years « , « Life at Venice and Ravenna », « Hours of Idleness », « Dramatic works », « The Vision of Judgment » and « Don Juan. » Contains: Extensive Bio, Criticism, Bibliography

This site contains contemporary criticism about Byron from many of his peers including Emerson, Shaw, Woolf, and Eliot.

Romantic Anger and Byron’s Curse

George Gordon, Lord Byron

‘Issues discussed concern the portrayal of Cain in Lord George Gordon Byron’s poetry, focusing on the legacies of the fall in the biblical story of Cain. »

Crede Byron

A richly informative site with a good range of biographical information (including a discussion of « the Byronic vampire »), some etexts, and links. [L. J. Webb]

Byron: a comprehensive study of his life and works

A rich site, with biographical information, a chronology, some texts (letters and journal entries), images, and more.

George Gordon, Lord Byron

Strong emphasis on Byron’s letters (which provide fascinating glimpses into the mind and life of a most interesting character); also includes the etext of E. H. Coleridge’s 1905 biograpy of Byron as well as extracts from Edward Trelawney’s Recollections of the Last Days of Shelley and Byron, itself a rather titillating read. [Jeffrey D. Hoeper, Arkansas State]

Centre for Byron Studies

At the U of Nottingham (near Newstead Abbey, Byron’s family home), the Centre was once a helpful directory to all web-things Byron, but is now nothing more than a placeholder page. [Matt Green, U of Nottingham]

Byron Chronology

Very nicely detailed. [Romantic Circles]

Biographical note


The Byron Society

Publishers of The Byron Journal (only tables of contents are available online)

Keats-Shelley House, Rome

Includes biographical info of Byron, Keats, the Shelleys and others as well as information on the house itself.

International Byron Society

Another rich Byron site, w/ a timeline, a substantial biography, etexts, and much more.

Biographical note

[Malcolm Kelsall, U Cardiff; Literary Encyclopedia]

Biographical essay


Brief biographical note

[Gothic Labyrinth]

Biographical note

[Thomson-Gale, the research publishing house, offering a sample]

Biographical note

[The Authors Calendar]

Brief biographical note

Discusses Byron in the context of « natural history » in the Romantic period. [Ashton Nichols, Dickinson College]

The Life of Byron

Written by John Galt and published in 1830. []

Brief biographical note

[Columbia Encyclopedia, Bartleby]

Brief biographical note

With some etexts. [Literature Network]

Brief biographical note

[John W. Cousins, A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature, 1910]

Newstead Abbey

Tourism site devoted to Byron’s famed English estate.

Byron Hyper-Concordance

Part of the The Victorian Literary Studies Archive, this concordance allows you to search etexts by Byron, including Manfred.


[National Portrait Gallery, London]


« Darkness »

« Fragment of a Novel »

Composed in 1816, this is the notorious prose fragment thought by some to be the basis of John Polidori’s vampire novel.

The Giaour

A vampiric extract from the full poem.

« Manfred »

Selected Poems [U Toronto]; includes excerpts from Childe Harold III and IV.

The above poems, and many more, are available in Lord Byron: The Major Works, in the Oxford World’s Classics series and edited by the pre-eminent Byron scholar of our time, Jerome J. McGann:
Don’t forget Byron’s Fragment of a Novel, an important document in the history of the vampire tale; it’s part of this classic Dover volume edited by E. F. Bleiler.


Oeuvres de Byron numérisées volume VI  avec journaux : lettres et journal volume 2 ( 1812 sq)


tous les journaux et  lettres de Byron en anglais !

E. H. Coleridge’s Biography of Byron

Byron’s Letters and Journals, Selected and Edited by Jeffrey D. Hoeper
CHAPTER 1: Byron Before Going Abroad — 1798- June 25, 1809
CHAPTER 2: The Heritage of Childe Harold — July 16, 1809 – March 5, 1812
CHAPTER 3: First Fame — March 25, 1812 – Journal of 1813-1814
CHAPTER 4: The Fatal Marriage — Jan. 13, 1814 – Oct. 31, 1815
CHAPTER 5: Separation and Exile — Feb. 2, 1816 – Dec. 19, 1816
CHAPTER 6: A Dissipate in Carnival Season — Dec. 24, 1816 – Jan. 27, 1819
CHAPTER 7: A Regular Cicisbean Existence — April 6, 1819 – Sept. 9, 1820
CHAPTER 8: « The king-times are fast finishing »– Sept. 22, 1820 – Jan. 27, 1822
CHAPTER 9: A Martyr for Liberty — Feb. 7, 1822 – April 9, 1824