Les mythologies classiques dans les sources juives, chrétiennes et islamiques : appel à communications

Classical Mythologies in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Sources 

Appel à communications, date limite d’envoi : le 15 décembre 2018-11-21

EASR 2019 Religion – Continuations and Disruptions 

Tartu, Estonia, 25-29 June 2019

Call for Papers

Classical Mythologies in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Sources 

Thematic session


Daniel Barbu, CNRS, PSL Research University, UMR 8584

Francesco Massa, University of Geneva


This panel proposes to explore the different modes of interaction with the mythological traditions of the classical world in the Jewish, Christian or Islamic literatures of the late antique and medieval periods. The aim of this panel is to engage in a reflexions on the status, place, function and role of the “pagan” past in the elaboration of a discourse articulating religious identities to a historical rupture, while at the same time becoming an important channel of transmission and reception of classical mythology. In this process, “pagan” myths, understood not only as a deceitful form of speech but also as a source of historical knowledge, came to contribute to the various ways in which Jews, Christians and Muslims thought about history, and especially, the history of religions.

This panel, encouraging a comparative perspective, grounded in rigorous historical and/or philological methodologies, welcomes contributions on case studies shedding light on the ambiguities of this relation between myth and history in specific historical contexts. Are also welcome contributions addressing the question from a historiographical vantage point, for instance by considering the place of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic discourses about the “pagan” past in the historiography of the comparative study of religion.


If you are interested in submitting an abstract to this open session, please do so by December 15, 2018 on the conference website:



Information/Contact:     daniel.barbu   at   cnrs.fr    et     francesco.massa  at  unige.ch


We look forward to receiving your proposals!

Daniel Barbu & Francesco Massa

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